To get a raster image recreated into vector for Screen Printing, email us your image to the following email address.


To place an order to get your car turned into a masterpiece, email us your information by using the following format:

Copy/Paste the following and fill the required information:

1- Photograph(s) of your car:

2- Race Team Name:

3- Team Number#:

4- Slogan/extra text (if any):

After filling the above information and attaching the photograph of your car, send it over via email to:

Our special designated artist for you will respond to your query at once after you have sent us an email.

Note for Racing designs: Please send the best quality photograph you have available. Please make sure the car gets into full view in the photograph and no sides/edges of the car get cropped out of the photograph.

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Pricing for Racing designs:

DirtCarArt® charges a flat rate of $100/ for a custom racing design to turn your car into a beautiful custom design, which doesn’t just include a neat design, it includes your car. Don’t be fooled by some of the other guys that give you standard cars and just drop your colors on it. If you have additional cars, just add $50/ per car. We can include as many cars as you want! Free revisions/changes included until you are satisfied and happy!

Pricing for Vector Art: